2016 Business and Personal Goals

On 5th January 2016, I celebrated ONE whole year of being rebranded as SORRISO Weddings and Portraits. The decision of rebranding came after years of feeling stuck in a part of the photography industry I wasn’t happy in. I wrote about my reasons to shed my old brand in my blog post entitled New Beginnings.

Rebranding has opened up so many new opportunities for me and I couldn’t be more thankful to all of the great support I’ve had from industry peers, loved ones and my amazing couples. I wrote about the journey of SORRISO in my 2015 review. Check it out!

I have to be honest, I’m not big on new years resolutions because I feel really disappointed in myself if I can’t 100% commit or achieve them. However, I always try and set realistic goals for the year ahead so here’s a little insight into the happenings of 2016.


  • My top priority is to book more weddings of my own. I think I will always freelance for other photographers and wedding photography companies but to be able to create my own art in my own style is something my creative soul craves. Get booking folks :)
  • Continuous development. I’m a professional but by no means a complete know it all. There is always something new to learn from others. That’s why I’ve made it a little mission of mine to attend a couple of workshops, networking events and exhibitions this year. What a great way to connect with other industry professionals as well as learn something new!
  • BLOG MORE! When I rebranded I was adamant to blog my journey more. It didn’t happen. But this year IT WILL! I love writing but 2015’s roller coaster well and truly threw me off. Now I have set time aside to get blogging.
  • Set more personal projects and shoot for myself. In my quieter times, out of wedding season, I want to go out and experiment a little more. Its a great way to learn new skills, improve the ones you already have and keep your creativity flowing. Just me and my camera on the road to new adventures.


  • Wedding food, I do love you, but this year I need to hit the gym a whole lot more than I did in 2015. Being self-employed means I really have to look after myself. I can’t call in sick or get someone to cover a wedding for me because I am booked for my style of work and my personal approach to all of my couples.

SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Blog Post Fitness Nike 2016 goals

  • I love being creative. In 2015 I started practising calligraphy writing and then it became an obsession. Language and writing is something I adore exploring. I hope to become better in both throughout 2016. Again, I’m no expert but heres a little example of my beginner calligraphy.
  • Make more time for myself and the ones I love. Simply THAT!
  • Continue to be unapologetically MYSELF. One thing I struggled with when tryi
    ng to push my old brand, was to really understanding myself. In the words of the ever so wonderful Jasmine Star, a US wedding photographer I find very relatable:

Know who YOU is!

Just for fun, here’s why I love J.Star!

Taken from CreativeLive’s YouTube Channel.

Being a young British-Indian female, I fell into the wonderful world of Indian Wedding Photography. I love my culture and my roots but felt that I wasn’t being taken seriously in this role and I wasn’t really being true to myself either. I love natural light, elegant, bright, lifestyle-esque imagery and this wasn’t really being understood by industry peers. I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing so rebranding gave me the opportunity to break away and start all over again. I really made it a mission to be MYSELF and know who I am! I’m now comfortable in my own self and will continue to display me and my work just the way I like it :)

I am keeping much of my goals a little on the hush. They are planted securely on my office wall for me to look at every day and work towards step by step. I find writing down my goals and visualising them helps me achieve them and works better for me than voicing them, thinking them and hoping they happen. So when I do a review of 2016 I’ll let you into a little more of what these goals are. Gotta keep a little mystery in the madness after all ;) Until then… make 2016 a happy one!

Priya x


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