A Review of 2015

A Review of 2015


  • A New Brand
  • A Hair Cut
  • New Connections
  • Over 30 weddings around the country
  • Being Published
  • Personal and Professional Development

I’ve majorly slacked at blogging in 2015. I said I would blog more when I launched my rebrand and then I didn’t get round to doing it! Terribly sorry for the procrastination glitch, but hey I guess thats my 2016 New Years resolution sorted!

I don’t know where to start with my year in review. An incredible amount of good, positive changes happened in my personal life as well as professionally over the course of 2015. I’ll try to squeeze in as much as possible in no particular order.

New Look, New Feel, Heres to Rebranding

On 5th January 2015 I launched my newly rebranded photography business SORRISO Weddings and Portraits. Shout out to Kultar, my brand and web designer for understanding my vision. YOU saved my brand from the mess it was left in. You interpreted my vision into a mature yet fun vintage brand without imitating others or making me look like I sell cupcakes and cookies ha! A huge thank you to Becky Lord Designs for adding beautiful elegant personal touches on all of my business stationary! You’ve both played a huge part in shaping the look of my business and I can’t thank you both enough! So pleased to be working with you both continuously! *Group hugs y’all!*

SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Photography 2015 Review 1

Being newly rebranded in an already competitive industry, I literally had to re-start my photography dream from scratch again! You can read the full story of what made me want to rebrand here. My rebrand felt like a fresh start and the opportunity to finally be completely myself rather than fit in.

New connections

Starting from scratch at the beginning of 2015 meant that I was to re-establish myself with a new client base. It hasn’t been easy at all but I wouldn’t change my journey for anything. I secured a handful of my own wedding bookings and was catapulted into freelancing and being a 2nd photographer for many other wonderful creative photographers. 2nd shooting allowed me to experience 30 weddings around the UK over the course of the year, which helped me explore my style and new found self in much more depth. Below are some snaps I took while freelancing/2nd shooting at various weddings.

SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Photography 2015 Review 3Matt and Terianne – 2nd photographer for Finishing Touch Wedding Video and Photography


SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Photography 2015 Review 2Tom and Clarice – 2nd photographer for Finishing Touch Wedding Video and Photography


SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Photography 2015 Review 4Ross and Gemma – 2nd photographer for Finishing Touch Wedding Video and Photography


SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Photography 2015 Review 5Chris and Leanne – 2nd photographer for Soul Photography

Public Speaking, Being Published and Fusion Weddings

Early on in 2015, my local newspaper covered my business relaunch story. Read here :) I was involved with the Prince’s Trust, who backed my business relaunch. After going through a short programme and launching my business, the Prince’s Trust listed me as one of their ‘Inspirational Speakers.’ I now give talks to groups of other youngsters involved with the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme, who have a business idea and wish to explore it further. This has in turn given me a great confidence boost as well as the want to help and support other youngsters who struggle to turn their ideas into a paying business.

2015 gave me the opportunity to photograph my first fusion wedding of the year. I had met the Bride, Sim when we were studying at the same University many many moons ago. Having followed my previous brand, Sim had booked me back in 2014 for her 2 Weddings both being held in May 2015. I had become friends with the owner of Secret Wedding Blog (a blog based around interfaith, multicultural fusion weddings) and was asked if Sim’s wedding could be shared as part of the blog. Sim was happy to participate and upon viewing the blog herself, loved seeing all of the different unions between cultures and faiths this blog included. Little did we know of the heartbreak that was to come on the day of her traditional Sikh wedding. You can read her story here.

Sam and Sim Fusion Wedding Photography West Midlands Wedding Photography Wolverhampton main

After sharing her story with this blog, Sim was approached by various media platforms to further share her story. In a difficult time and in the hopes of getting closure, Sim shared agreed to share her story with a handful of reporters. Along with this, my images were included in a 10 minute televised news report and then published on ITV News Central. They were also published in the November issue of Grazia Magazine UK (See below).

SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Photography 2015 Review 6

…and a huge shout out to Raj of Secret Wedding Blog for also publishing my work her beautiful blog.

Raj and I also had the opportunity to meet when she invited me over to stay with her during a weekend of a fun work turn play lifestyle photoshoot. This pretty ladies apartment is so cute and stylish, I didn’t want to leave! Whack on the Friends box set and put the kettle one… I’m coming back!

SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Photography 2015 Review 7


Personal and Professional Development

I started this post by stating that my rebrand had allowed me to completely and utterly be myself. This year started with my personal life being far from “together” and having to let go of a lot emotionally.  I learnt that I only really had myself to create the life I wanted. I focused the whole of me on bettering myself personally and professionally. Professionally, I connected with various photographers I’m inspired by, I openly asked for guidance, advice and joined various online workshops and courses to keep my business head in-check. Personally, I’ve now become an avid gym go-er, I’ve picked up a new language by revisiting my old GCSE books so maintenant, je peux vous parler en français and I’ve become increasingly obsessed with calligraphy writing. If you’ve booked me for 2016, expect to have A LOT of personal touches and calligraphy writing all over your parcels!

SORRISO Wedding Photographer West Midlands Photography 2015 Review 8

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of the fellow photographers and video companies that have hired me to freelance or be their 2nd photographer. Thank you to all of my friends who have supported me when things get tough and celebrated with me when good things happen. To all of the couples I have met throughout the year, you are amazing, thank you for allowing me to be part of your celebrations and always remain unbreakable. I can’t wait to meet all of my 2016 couples and continue my journey in a career I adore.

Wishing you all a 2016 full of love, happiness and new adventures. See you on the other side :)

Priya x


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