Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Slow Progress Is Still Progress


I’ve recently been in a reflective mood. Life has been busy, with obstacles thrown into the equation, which has been slowing down the progress of dreams and goals.

The year 2013 is passing by fast. With so much yet to do, yet to achieve, higher heights yet to reach, and although you keep plodding on slowly, its almost as if you’ve come to a grinding halt, standing still in the middle of a busy road and seeing motion movement of cars and people flashing past at full speed.

You hear things from people, you see things from people; whether its social networking or word-of-mouth. You see the great achievements and glorified lifestyles portrayed by a business, a person or a group, almost causing you to want to shut off from the world as you contemplate your own future. You question yourself, your abilities, your age, your time and give yourself a headache…

Why can’t I?
Can I?How can I?How do they?How have they?How can they?Why do they?Why have they?Is it too late?

You’ve been hurt, you’ve been disappointed. A business venture hasn’t gone to plan, you didn’t get that job you tried so hard for, a relationship has ended, you’ve lost a loved one. So many disappointments, struggles and heartache people face. You bare your soul to your closest friends and loved ones, looking for answers to your struggles and storms, desperate to ease your unhappy soul. Some are frank, understand you and lift you up by giving you a kick up the butt and try to keep you in check. Others may give you clichés in an attempt to comfort, support and console you. Thats not a bad thing, they just want to help a friend in need because they care. You put your own fears, questions, disappointments aside and console others that turn to you, who are experiencing their own storms, for a moment forgetting your damaged heart. A genuine message of appreciation, is truly a wonderful thing. The feeling of raw gratitude from one person to another, thats an overwhelming feeling and a special moment. Then it occurs to you, you’re not alone. There are people facing worse struggles. You may only be plodding along slowly, but you are still plodding! Some people wont be able to achieve their goals, meet their dreams, because they are fighting for their last breath.

If you didn’t get that dream house, if you didn’t get that amazing job, if you’ve lost a loved one, if you’ve given you’re all to a relationship that hasn’t worked out, KEEP PLODDING! Forget the glorified things you read about people or may hear from one person passed onto another. In a lot of cases, it probably is a case of “keeping up appearances”. So what! Assumptions and judgements will only eat away at your brain. Take it as words on a screen or hearsay through the grapevine. Life isn’t a competition. Don’t compare yourself to them or compete with them. Compete with the person you were yesterday. How they are progressing, if they seem ahead of you, isn’t your concern. You don’t know the battle they may be going through behind closed doors, but to remain a success in the eyes of others, they will only talk positive and talk success. Let them. They may be ahead of you, they may be achieving but don’t focus on them. Focus on YOU! You may be hurt and slowly making progress but thats the main thing, that you are making progress. Remember, no matter how slow the progress, it is still progress.

Don’t block out the struggles and how it makes you feel. Embrace it! When you embrace it, you face it, you deal with it until you’re done with it. Behind closed doors everybody is facing a personal struggle, a test, a battle. Through word of mouth or online, they may be ahead of you by keeping busy and doing their thing. It isn’t your business, especially if they let you go, whether its from a relationship, an employment opportunity, an agreement or whatever the partnership or loss. Let them be. If it’s love, a friendship, a family relationship, slowly but surely, it will hit them. Maybe not now, maybe in a few weeks or a few months but it will hit them. They had no time to deal, which leaves no time to heal. They blocked it out by keeping busy, keeping up appearances, finding an escape, diverting their attention to other things to keep them from embracing and facing. That is no longer your issue. That’s their way, you do it your way. Most importantly YOU KEEP PLODDING! Even if its slow… Slow progress IS STILL PROGRESS!



Image from the classic children’s story – “The Tortoise and the Hare”


Don’t worry about being the Tortoise amongst all the Hares ;)
 Until the next post, wishing you all a blessed and happy day.

Priya x

(Blog post inspired by my favourite childhood bedtime story and my current emotions).